To create a subaccount follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Settings icon on the left-hand side menu list

  • Click on the ‘Subaccounts’ tab under the Settings tab

  • Select on ‘Create Subaccount’

  • Enter the following information to proceed further:

    a. Username of Subaccount.
    b. Contact email address of Subaccount.
    c. By default, the password of the Subaccount will be set by the Subaccount itself. However, the Master account would have the option to change this. If you want to set the Subaccount password, then click on the checkbox ‘I will set a password for Subaccount’ and set a password by entering in ‘Password’ & ‘Confirm password’ field Or click on ‘Create Subaccount’ directly, so that link to set password will be sent to contact email ID of Subaccount mentioned while creating Subaccount.

Permission and features of a Subaccount: 

  1. Can view the live feed of email (email requests, delivered, opens, clicks, bounce, abuse)

  1. Use email credits allocated by the Master account 

  1. Cannot create another Subaccount

  1. Can add multiple domains