We can communicate to customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram through Smartech. However we cannot communicate to customers on Twitter.

Here is a brief on Smartech’s social media capabilities.

Smartech is integrated with Facebook custom audience.

A customer data (mobile, email) can be synced with Facebook from any external system.

Which means -

A segment from Smartech which contain (email & mobile) of contact, this data can be synced with Facebook and marketer can run some interesting campaigns to target these users at

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Audience Network

It’s very powerful.

Additionally customers can also use facebook lookalike audience on their smartech data.

Say your segment which is synced to FB as custom audience which has 1.5 lakh contacts.

Now with lookalike facility you can reach out to new potential user who have something similar characterstics.

Lookalike is useful for acquisition business.