Encryption or hashing of email ids on the panel is enabled by default in order to ensure utmost security of your email ids on our platform. This feature ensures that the email ids which are stored within the reports on our Email API platform are stored with one way hashing and hence they are are shown like a junk value on the panel under live feed section.

In order to disable the hashing of email ids on the live feed section within the panel, please follow below steps,

1. Login to your panel using https://email.netcorecloud.com/

2. Go to "Settings" =>"General" =>  "Mail settings"

3. As shown within the below image, you would find an option with the name as "Encryption" within the same tab which would be set to ON. You can click on the toggle (available on the right hand side) to disable the same feature.

Once done, you would be able to see all your email ids in plain text format under live feed section.