PX Panel login details:

Asset Name/website Name:
 Nudge journey name:
Nudge node name:

Steps to perform the nudge trigger event:



1.Verify Nudge Trigger and Stop Event Conditions:


    Check the Nudge Trigger and Stop Event conditions on the UI and ensure they are set correctly as per the campaign requirements.

    Also, verify the Nudge Segment condition to ensure it targets the intended audience.


2. Pair Website with PX Panel:


    Open the website in your browser tab and pair it with the PX panel to enable tracking and monitoring of user actions.


3.Push Journey in Test Mode:


    Push the journey in test mode to your browser to simulate the user experience and interactions.


4.Perform Nudge Trigger Event:


    Trigger the event that is supposed to activate the nudge on the website.




5.Check for Hansel JS Blocking:


    Inspect whether Hansel JS is being blocked by the client's CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) policies.

    If blocked, request the client to whitelist the following Netcore domains: [*, *, *]






1. Check if the nudge event is getting printed in console of the browser. [run command to get logs in console - Hansel.internal().enableDebugLogs() ]

2. Check if nudge is associated with trigger event

3.  Check if anchor point visible or overlapping.


If anchor point is overlapping, please request client to change the anchor point

If nudge trigger event is transit event, then request user to change trigger event as latest trigger event or add delay of 2-5 seconds.

Sample ticket  -