Panel name

Campaign id

Sample user

 Troubleshooting steps:


1. First login on the BPA panel’


2. Edit the campaign id and check the selected list example 246


3. After checking the selected list go to manage and click to confirm





4. After clicking to confirm edit any user and check the pdf attachment and copy that.


5. Once the attachment is copied please log in to the backend server which is emm28 or emmin3.


6. Go to the path defined in the attachment details.


7. After going in the attachment path please check the pdf files present in the same. By clicking on ls -lrth.


8. Once all the pdf files appear the one we had copied please pass the command as ls NSDLe-CAS_108820234_MAY_2023.PDF (file name)


9. If we get an error file that does not exist it means data in the sftp and in the list are mismatched and hence the campaigns will be suspended.


Reference ticket id 3512697