Drop users are the one who has not received the personalized attachments. They got dropped while processing the campaigns. This happens if user databases are not synced in the application server which is emm 28.


  • Panel name

  • Campaign id

Troubleshooting steps.

Log in to the application server which is emm28 through LDAP

Login to client mysql

Command: mysql -u root -h `cat /etc/database_host` -A nsdlcoinbpa

  1. Use below command 

delete from custom_message_drop_reports where message id = 304; (message id refer to campaign id)

  1. Login into the table using the below 2 command 

use emm28_bpa_stm

3. use emm28_bpa_vapt_stm -hdfcltdbpa

4. To refresh the table use the below command.

update bpa_ftp_jobs set status='stop',suspend_flag=0 where dbname=’hdfcltdbpa' and messageid in (304);