The ‘Manage Credits section’ allows Master account to allocate credits to the Subaccounts. Subaccounts can send emails only when they have an email credit balance.

There are two types of credits;

1. Unlimited:

There is no limit set on subaccount’s credit usage. However, the maximum number of credits a subaccount can utilize caps at the available credits with the master account.

2. One-time credit:

Master adds a specific number of email credits to Subaccount credit balance.

Subaccount cannot send emails more than the available credit balance.

Master can set recurring credit by defining recurring credit amount for a specific period.

Here’s how you can allocate credits to a subaccount:

Follow these steps to allocate credits to subaccount:

Select Credit type. You have two options here.

1. Unlimited: If you do not want to limit the number of emails subaccount can send, then select ‘Unlimited’ and click on ‘Save’.

2. One-time: If you want to allocate a specific number of email credits one-time, choose the ‘One-time Credit’ option and click on ‘Save’.

  • Master can view the previous credit balance of a subaccount if any.
  • Click on ‘Add/ Remove Credits’ to increase or decrease the credit balance of a subaccount.
    a. Select ‘Add’ if master wants to increase credit balance,
    b. Select ‘Subtract’ if master wants to decrease credit balance.
    c. Enter an amount of credit the master wants to increase/decrease in a remaining credit balance.
    d. Click on ‘Save’.
  • Now that the one-time credit is set, you can repeat allocation of the same amount of credits each month by choosing the ‘Enable Recurring credit’ option and set recurring credit amount.
    a. Select a Time period – daily/weekly/monthly
    b. Select from & to date for recurring credit amount
    c. Click on ‘Save’.