Kindly find below the settings that needs to be done at your end:

v=DMARC1\; p=none\; rua=mailto:dmarc-alert@domainname

NOTE: dmarc-alert@domainname should be valid mailbox or we can replace with any valid mailbox on the same domain like info@domainname etc.
The mailbox is required because ISP will share the DMARC reports on the same mailbox.
There are 3 policies that can be  used after p=   (none, reject or quarantine)

p=none – Tell the receiver to perform no actions against unqualified mail, but still send email reports to the mailto: in the DMARC record for any infractions.
p=quarantine – Tell the receiver to quarantine unqualified mail, which generally means “send this directly to the spam folder.”
p=reject – Tell the receiver to completely deny any unqualified mail for the domain. With this enabled, only mail that is verified as 100% being signed by your domain will even have a chance at the inbox. Any mail that does not pass is denied— not bounced—so there’s no way to catch false positives.

Please note whenever DMARC is enabled DKIM settings should also be in place for that domain as below:


NOTE: Once the above settings are updated at your end, do let us know so that we can enable the same for your panel.