The Online Delivery Report options will give you the live delivery status of the message send.

We request you to follow the below steps to verify the SMS delivery status:

1) Login to your Bizbond panel

2) Click on Reports --> Online delivery Report

3) Using the first option of Enterprise Delivery Report you can download the Detailed Report for a single day.

a) Select the channel from the Download Detailed Report for dropdown

b) You can keep the Sender ID and Delivery Status dropdown as it is

c) In the first text box you can put the tag name if you are aware of or skip the same

d) In the 2nd text box select the date

e) Click on Download

Below page will be displayed and in sometime the report will get downloaded

4) Using the search form you can get the SMS delivery report for the individual number for single day.

a) From the Keyword drop down select the channel from which SMS was triggered

b) Sender ID can be kept as All

c) Choose the From Date with 00 hours and To Date with 23 hours

d) Delivery Status can be kept as it is

e) Enter the mobile no. on which SMS was sent

f) Select the checkbox to show message

g) Click on Submit

The report will be displayed for that particular number.

NOTE: We request you to try downloading the report one by one. After the 1st report is downloaded only then go for the 2nd one to download. Request you not to open multiple browser for downloading. As this may take long time and the report will also not get downloaded.
Only Single day detailed report can be fetched from here. Monthly Detailed report cannot be fetched from this option. For monthly detailed report you need to send request to