In any of your previous campaigns, if the user marked the mail as SPAM or abuse or unsubscribed or the email to that user hard bounced or the user was manually blacklisted then the Email ID is blacklisted from all the Lists. No Broadcast is sent again to that Blacklisted Contact.

Please find below the steps to white-list the Email ID in your EMM panel:

1) Login to the panel


 2) Click on Manage


 3) Click on Lists


 4) Click on Search Contacts

5) Tick the check box Blacklisted Users


 6) Enter the Email ID in the Text box next to Find a Contact.


 7) Click on Search

8) Mouse hover the detail received below and click on white-list inorder to white-list the Email ID     

9)Enter the reason for whitelisting and click on OK. 

10) Click on OK button 

NOTE: Bulk white-listing option is not available in the panel. You will have to white-list one Email ID at a time.