Yes, In Netcore, you can disable open tracking or click tracking for emails sent via a specific Netcore account.

Open or click tracking can be disabled at the sending domain level by going to settings => General> your domains => click on “View settings” next to your active sender domain. Please note that, once the open tracking or click tracking is switched off, any email going from the domain will not track the user activity.

However, you can override the default configuration settings in the panel by passing appropriate parameters within the API requests. The values of “opentrack” and “clicktrack” parameters passed within the API call will override the default configuration within the panel.

API documentation:

Sample code to disable Open and click tracking.

 "settings": {
"open_track": False,
"click_track": False,
    "unsubscribe_track": true,

Note: This facility is not available within SMTP email injection method.