The warmup process is applicable to every Netcore email API account. In order to check the details of warmup status for your Netcore email API account you can simply follow below steps,

1. Login to your Netcore account, URL:

2. Once login, you can see a small section "Warmup" on the bottom right of your screen as shown in below image,

3. As you can see within the warmup section you can get details about your current daily email sending limit. 

4. If you are paid customer, You can also raise a request to increase your warmup limit by simply clicking on "Scaleup" button as shown in above image.

5. Once clicked on "Scaleup" button, you would be taken to a different page as shown in below image,

6. Just fill up the details of how much you want to scale your daily email sending limit along with the reason and the email content template which you wish to send out over emails using your Netcore account using this increased limit.

7. Our compliance team would audit these details and would increase your daily email sending limit.

You can always reach out to our 24X7 support chat available on our website or send us an email on for any queries/issues related to warmup.