There are below given options available to download the reports

1. Manual download via the Pepipost panel.

- once you click on the download button under live feed an email with a report download link will be shared on a registered email address.

2. Fetch the data of email delivery logs using events API

- You can use events API to retrieve the logs of email delivery for your Pepipost account. For more information, please refer to our documentation available at link

3. Schedule reports syncing over SFTP/FTP

- Using custom reports scheduling option available under "Analytics+" section under analytics, you can configure your SFTP server and schedule the report sending process to a particular time at which we shall push the reports for previous day on daily basis.

4. Webhooks integration

- A webhook is like an inverted API endpoint; instead of making a call to our API, you define a callback URL to which we will HTTP POST information as things happen.

For example: you will get real-time notification about users opening your email, clicking on links etc. Your callback URL can then execute code based on the POSTs. You can think of it as defining an API endpoint for your app that will receive output from Pepipost. 

For more information, you can refer to link