Sandbox is a testing environment used for testing Netcore email API’s services and features. If you're a developer and looking to test the Netcore email API platform by sending some test emails, then using SANDBOX is the best way.

Imagine you decide to buy a car. The first step you do is research: you look at the models in your budget, the features you want and whether the dealer is trustworthy. You go for a test drive and get a feel of what the car can do. Only then do you choose the details like color, interior and entertainment systems.

Sandbox is the test drive in your ESP shopping journey. You can test what we offer, look at our features for yourself. Then you can decide to continue on your Netcore email API journey.

Without adding any credit card or doing any configuration on Netcore email API you can, in fact, test the entire platform within a couple of seconds.

In the sandbox, we provide a sender domain example: which will help you in doing quick testing, without having to setup DNS entries of your actual sender domain. 
This domain is pre-activated under your account and doesn't require any further review from our compliance team. but you can send only to authorized recipients.

And the best part? You can get started with your Sandbox journey in 100 seconds!!!