We require you to add a couple of TXT records in your Domain's DNS settings. What does that mean? Why is it important to have SPF and DKIM authenticated? Learn below. 

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a simple email validation system designed to detect email spoofing.
DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail)is an email authentication technique that enables MSPs(Mailing service providers - Gmail, Yahoo) to verify whether an email was indeed sent and authorized by the owner of that domain.
Incorporating SPF & DKIM into your DNS settings helps us improve your email delivery.

Once you have added a sender domain in Pepipost, the system asks you to configure two TXT records on your domain's DNS settings. The primary objective of adding these records is to authenticate Pepipost servers to send your emails.

Once you have added these values in your settings, Press the 'Check DNS Records' button to verify.


SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

The first TXT record is to verify the ownership of your domain and authenticate your domain to send emails using Pepipost. 

You can only have one SPF entry in your DNS records. Once you add the domain, we analyze to check if there is any pre-existing SPF record.

If there is an SPF record already present in your DNS settings, We append our SPF details to your existing SPF record, which makes sure your existing configuration is not affected by the change. You need to replace your existing SPF entry with the updated value.

You can quickly identify the SPF record as it starts with 'v=spf'.




DKIM validation

The second TXT record which the system asks to add is primarily for DKIM validation. It is a method to validate the authenticity of the emails.

DKIM record need not be unique, and you can add a new TXT record with the hostname & value provided.




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What's next, once I have completed the DNS settings?

Once the domain is verified, we try to instantly approve it so you can start sending your email straight away.
However, for a few domains, our compliance team have to review the domains manually. Once our team approves it, you can start using this sender domain for sending emails. Generally, We review domains within 1-2 hours of submission however, during peak hours, it might take up to 12-24 hours.

To make an informed decision about your domains, we also request for a few details in a form which pops up in the domain settings page, once your domain is verified.

We consider many factors while reviewing a domain. Some of the possible reasons for not approving a domain are:

  • Domain doesn’t have a website representing its core business area.

  • Domain is getting redirected to some other website which is not associated with the same owner.

  • The content of the website seems to be phishing. 

  • Domain belongs to a business which is under our blacklisted list.

  • There is no subscription/signup form on your website, or if it’s there, then it’s not functioning.