Netcore email API has below-given security features,

1. Secure download of detailed reports data

- Netcore email API supports an offline download of reports data from the panel as a result of which the data is shared only with registered email address over email in a CSV zipped file.

2. Binding IP's with API key

- Netcore email API supports binding of your account with static IP's of your organization. This helps in injecting emails on to your Netcore email API account only from specific static IP's which you whitelist on the panel and reject all other emails which are injected from non-whitelisted IP's.

a. This feature is available from back-end and on a request basis from our customers.
b. This feature is only applicable for API integration and not for emails which are injected over SMTP
c. It is necessary to whitelist all required IP's and make sure about the same before you start using this feature as it might cause rejection of valid emails which can not be recovered.

3. Data encryption

With Data encryption facility on Netcore email API , you can rest assured about the safety of your data. With this feature, our customers now can decide if they want to maintain their PII information (recipient email address) on Netcore email API in a plain text or encrypted format.

We use SHA-1 to convert the email address, recipient name (and any other recipient's PII information) to a hash value and store the value instead of original data.

4. Secure 2FA with Google Authenticator and Email OTP Login.

At present, if you share your username and password with anyone in your team, they have access to your account.

But when you do that, it's difficult to know who else knows your credentials.

With the new updates, you can set up Two-factor Authentication (2FA) with either email OTP or Google Authenticator as an option.

After you set this up, you will need to use a one-time auth code provided either on email or the Google authenticator app.

Since the code is sent to your email or is available only on the application, anyone else with your login details cannot access your account.

Keep in mind that although 2FA provides a significant security boost to your accounts, experts still recommend using strong passwords and utilizing password managers when possible.