We review the sender domains to ensure the validity of the ownership and the type of business. As an email delivery platform, it is crucial to safeguard our system from potential abuse and the end-users from spams.

By verifying the domain ownership, evaluating every website, determining the kind of messages and to whom, we maintain our credibility as an email provider and also help you get the best deliverability possible.

Once the domain is verified, we try to instantly approve it so you can start sending your email straight away.

However, for a few domains, our compliance team have to review the domains manually. Once our team approves it, you can start using this sender domain for sending emails. Generally, We review domains within 1-2 hours of submission; however, during peak hours, it might take up to 12-24 hours.

To make an informed decision about your domains, we also request for a few details in a form which pops up in the domain settings page, once your domain is verified.

We consider many factors while reviewing a domain. Some of the possible reasons for not approving a domain are:

  • Domain doesn’t have a website representing its core business area.
  • Domain is getting redirected to some other website which is not associated with the same owner.
  • The content of the website seems to be phishing. 
  • Domain belongs to a business which is under our blacklisted list.
  • There is no subscription/signup form on your website, or if it’s there, then it’s not functioning.

Time taken for Approval Process:

The review process takes 12-24 hrs to complete and you will be intimated over your registered email address regarding the same. If your account is still in a reviewed state after several hours please feel free to reach us over email or our 24×7 Live Chat support for more information.