This can be done by Master account holder.

You can manage sub-user sending quota in following two ways:

  • Recurring Credits
  • One time Credits

#Recurring Credits: If you select recurring credits as your credit allocation style then you can allocate credits to your subuser on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis.
Example: If you want to allocate 1000 email credits to a subuser on daily basis then select Day in Periods column and enter 1000 in the Number of credits field and then click on Save(as shown below). 

#One time Credits: You can manually allocate a specific amount of email credits to each of the subusers as and when needed.

Change credits rules:

Master can Add or Subtract email credits manually. To do so follow the below steps:

  • Select Add or Subtract from the drop down menu under the ADD/SUBTRACT CREDITS title
  • Enter the number of email credits in the AMOUNT field to be added or subtracted to/from subuser’s account.
  • Then click on Save

Based on your selection, credits will be added/subtracted from subuser’s account.

Note: Pepipost does not provide any white labeling technique