What is a Master account?

  • The master account is an account where you can create, manage sub-user(s) & allocate them email credits.

Permission and Features of a Master account:

  • Master can enable/disable, delete a sub-user account and also manage sub-user credits.
  • Master assigns email credits to sub-users from its own emails credits.
  • Master can add up to 15 sub-users

What is a sub-user account?

Subuser accounts are child accounts of Master account whose email credits are supplied by Master account.

These master accounts have their own credit limits and account permissions which they can assign while creating a sub-user. Subusers are provided in order to manage all your clients under one master account.

Permission and features of a sub-user:

As a sub-user you:

  • can view the live feed(email requests, delivered, opens, clicks, bounce, abuse)
  • use email credits of Master account(which is also shared with other sub-users)
  • cannot create another sub-user
  • can add multiple domains