When you send an email from your application to Netcore email API, it flows through multiple stages even before actual delivery to the ISP. And, post delivery also there are multiple activities happen on that email. We have classified all these stages as STATUS on Netcore email API. Here is the list of STATUS on Netcore email API::

  • Processing: This is a stage when we have accepted your email sending request and the email is on our server's internal queue and yet to be delivered to the recipient's server.
    What to do if the email is in INPROCESS stage for a too long period of time?
    Ideally all emails should get delivered to it's destination within couple of secs (~ 1-20 sec, depending on the recipient server's response time). But, in case you are observing high queues or emails getting delivered with unusual delays, then you should report this incidence immediately to our Tech Support Team over chat or email.

  • Sent: Once the email is delivered to the recipient's server the status of the email changes from INPROCESS to SENT. SENT doesn't mean that the email actually reached the recipient's mailbox or not. Actually, there is no way to track whether the email has reached to recipient's mailbox or not. Most of the recipient servers just accept the email and adds them into their internal queue for anti-spam/firewall rule matching before actual delivery to the recipient's mailbox and returns an acknowledgment message which we display in the SERVER REMARKS in your Live Feeds. In most of the major ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, these queues are almost real-time and hence the recipient will not observe any delays. But, in some of the corporate mailboxes recipient might see delays in receiving the email.
    This part is out of Netcore email API's control. But, one thumb rule which you should ensure is- Send good and relevant emails so that you can bypass all anti-spam/firewall rules with speed and can reach the recipient's mailbox on time.

  • Hard Bounce: When Netcore email API attempts to deliver your emails, then there can be scenarios when the email is not delivered because of some permanent failures.

    Some of them can be:
    • The email address is invalid
    • The email addresses doesn’t exist
    • The recipient domain (domain/TLD after @in an email address) doesn't exist

  • Soft Bounce: When Netcore email API attempts to deliver your emails, then there can be scenarios when the email is not delivered because of some temporary failures.

    Some of them can be:
    • The mailbox was full (the user is over their quota)
    • The recipient's server was down
    • The email was too large for the recipient’s inbox
    • The recipient server is currently not accepting emails from the sending IP address

  • Open: Whenever a recipient receives an email and open, the status gets updated from SENT to OPEN in Netcore email API. For tracking the opens, Netcore email API sends a 1x1 transparent pixel image in the email and when this image gets loaded then only we will be able to track opens. In case the mailbox provider/mailclient blocks the display of the images, then in that case we will be unable to track the open unless the recipient explicitly allow image loading by clicking on the Display image/Show remote content button. In most of the major mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, the image gets automatically loaded except in certain cases when the emails hit the spam folder. You can turn open tracking ON/OFF for your account from Netcore email API Settings.

  • Click: Once the recipient opens an email and click on any of the links inside the email, then the status of the email gets updated to CLICKED. In case of click, you will be also able to track the latest link clicked by the recipient. Clicks are begin tracked using the tracking URLs which are embedded inside your email. Netcore email API masks all of your links inside the email with its tracking URL to track the clicks. You can turn click tracking ON/OFF for your account from Netcore email API Settings.

  • Unsubscribe: Netcore email API sends an Unsubscribe link in the footer of all of your emails. And when the recipient clicks on that link and unsubscribes the status of the email gets updated to UNSUBSCRIBED. You can configure this feature to ON/OFF from your Netcore email API Settings. As per CAN-SPAM, it is mandatory to have unsubscribe link in all of your business emails. In case you are disabling the Netcore email API unsubscribe link, then please ensure you have included your own unsubscribe link in the email.

  • Abuse: In most of the mailbox provides there is always an option to report an email as spam. In case the recipient hits that button and the mailbox provider has feedbackloop with sender, then we will come to know about such activities. In such cases the status of the email will be updated to ABUSE.