Whenever Pepipost delivery servers attempt to deliver an email to the recipient server, then there can be two scenerios:

  1. Email is successfully delivered
  2. Email is not delivered and got bounce

In both of the above cases, the recipient server returns an acknowledgement which is displayed under Server Remarks. 

Successfully delivery/Status=SENT doesn't meant that the email actually reached to the recipient's mailbox or not. Actually there is no way to track whether the email has reached to recipient's mailbox or not. Most of the recipient servers just accept the email and adds them into their internal queue for anti-spam/firewall rule matching before actual delivery to recipient's mailbox and returns a acknowledgement message which we display in the SERVER REMARKS in your Live Feeds. In most of the major mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, these queues are almost realtime and hence the recipient will not observe any delays. But, in some of the corporate mailboxes recipient might see delays in receiving the email. Technically in this part, there is nothing to do. But, one thumb rule which you should ensure is- Send good and relevant emails so that you can bypass all anti-spam/firewall rules with speed and can reach recipient's mailbox on time.

In case of bounces, the server remarks should be further analysed to identify the type of bounces and ways to reduce the same in future.