1. What is dedicated IP?

                Dedicated IP is unique internet address exclusively given to a sender and is not shared with other senders. When sending emails reputation of IP address matters. Frequently large & good senders do not prefer sharing their IPs with other senders, hence they look for dedicated Ips so that they control reputation of their email account themselves.


       2. How can I get dedicated IPs?

                    Pepipost provides you with dedicated IPs at $20 per IP/month. These IPs have neutral reputation and it is expected that the reputation will be built by sender gradually over a period of time.

                    The process to get dedicated IPs from Pepipost is following:

                            a. You have to send a request on support@pepipost.com for no. of dedicated IPs you need with your username. 

                            b. You will receive a payment link within 24 hrs.

                            c. Once you have made the payment, dedicated IP will be assigned within in next 24 hrs