1. What is a dedicated IP?

                A dedicated IP is a unique internet address exclusively given to a sender and is not shared with other senders. When sending emails reputation of IP address matters. Frequently large & good senders do not prefer sharing their IPs with other senders, hence they look for dedicated Ips so that they control the reputation of their email account themselves.

At Netcore email API we can provide a dedicated IP, wherein we configure your account with a delivery module containing one or more IPs. These IPs are unique to the account and are unavailable for our other clients.

Using a dedicated IP setup allows our users to bypass the Netcore Email API shared pool and use their secluded IP pool for email delivery.

These IPs have a neutral reputation and it is expected that the reputation will be built by the sender gradually over a period of time.

 2. How can I get dedicated IPs?

 The subscription cost of a dedicated IP is $20 per month.

You can purchase an IP from the Netcore Email API user panel at Billing -> Dedicated IP.

Please note that Dedicated IPs are only available for users subscribed to a monthly plan of $85 or above.

If you are on our $25 plan and wish to have us review your requirement for a dedicated IP, please drop a mail at help@netcorecloud.com. the no. of dedicated IPs you need along with your username.

Once approved by our compliance team:-

1. You will receive a payment link within 24 hrs.

2. Once you have made the payment, dedicated IP will be assigned within in next 24 hrs.

Please note: that we synchronize the billing cycle of the dedicated IP with your monthly email usage cycle. If you purchase an IP in the middle of your billing cycle, your first invoice is calculated based on the number of days remaining in your current billing cycle.
After that, we charge the entire amount of $20 at the time of your subscription renewal.