1) Please provide user manuals and information documents for DCA?

Vodafone Idea :-


V-con / Videocon:-


2) Is consent required for existing base of customers also

3) For the web option, how would the customer be communicating the OTP to the entity?
Entity have to enter the OTP post confirmation from end user

4) Consent is for template or user?
Consent means any voluntary permission given by the subscriber to

Principal Entity (PE) to receive commercial communication related to specific purpose, product, or services Process/Terms to acquire consents. It is taken from user.


5) By when do we have to get this done, what are the commercials:-
DCA is already live and commercials are available on operator DLT portals.

6) Will OTP to download the app be under the restriction of DCA ?
No, DCA is applicable for Promotional and Service explicit type of communication.

7) Can we integrate this DCA on our website
You can integrate consent API with your applications.

8) Can you share TRAI Regulation details?
It is available on TRAI website, please refer https://www.trai.gov.in/sites/default/files/RegulationUcc19072018.pdf

9) Is the brand charge for Consent OTP also or it is part of consent credit bought.
No separate charges for consent OTP.

10) Is the consent is for sender or customer/receiver? The template will be defined by whom ?
Consent needs to be taken from user and entity have to define consent template on DLT.

11) How do a brand procure the"127xxx" I'd to acquire consent? or is it assigned to brand by operators
Subscribers will receive Consent Acquisition messages from the short code 127XXX from their respective operators

12) Is the consent applicable only when the customer has registered under DND?
Consent overrides the DND and other preferences hence you will able to send SMS to DND user’s as well.

13) Insurance is for a longer tenure. So does this mean we have to take consent every year from existing customer
Yes, validity of consent is one year only.

14) Do we need consent product level or company level
As per TRAI mandate,the scope of consent must be very precise to the specified product or service

15) We have multiple departments sending communications to customers, do we get consent to all?
Yes, If you are sending promotional and service explicit type of communication

16) What if a users is logging on to the App or a Website account, where the consent is being taken for accessing the platform.
You can integrate consent API in such scenario

17) Consent is valid only for 365 days. but after that do we need to send a consent again to same customer?
Yes, entities have to renew the consent.

18) We have to take one consent for one dlt it or its as per sender id? 
You can acquire the consent using any operator DLT platform and it will be synchronize across all operator DLT.

19) What if there is no response from the customer? Do we send consent again?
If the subscriber does not respond even after receiving reminder messages (within 72 hours),
the consent is considered expired, and the same consent message cannot be sent to that
subscriber for the subsequent 90 days. 

20) If we want to integrate DCA API, what is waiting period to know the consent status? How can we shortcut to view the status so that we can approach customer to promote the product.
DLT operator’s will provide more information on Consent API mode. 

21) What happens if we don't have consent and SMS is sent. Will it get delivered or blocked? If delivered will we be fined or will our channel be blocked
DCA is mandatory to comply with regulation and It will help to increase ROI. As per now, we don’t have more clarity on penalty part.

22) If the brand is getting any form filled by the user along with OTP, Is it counted as a consent.
No, consent must be acquired according to DCA process on DLT as per regulation.

23) Will the commercial communication be limited to SMS or does it extend to OTT/Calls etc.
It will be applicable to SMS & Voice.