Below are the delivery status description in SMS:

1) Delivered - Delivered numbers.  

2) Absent subscriber - These are the users who are continuously coming in/out Network because of which the message did not got delivered. Here we retry the message for 4 hours from the Gateway and if still it fails then we put him in the same status in reports.  

3) Invalid subscriber - 

i) These are the users for whom we received a response that this is an Invalid user from the operator when we tried sending the message to them. If required we can give you the confirmed invalid numbers. 

ii) There can also be a case when you push the message to 10 digit mobile number, but that number is not Active use. It may also be a case, that the number is with the SIM card seller and it has not been purchased so far. 

iii) You have sent a message to a number which is not a valid 10 digit or 12 digit (with '91' as prefix) mobile number.  

4) SMS/Message Inbox full - As the name suggests these are the users whose handset inbox was full when the message was tried to be delivered to them.  

5) Blacklist - These are blacklisted numbers at the Operator end. 

Probable Reasons for blacklisting: 

1) The number might have been used for illegal activities in past 

2) Non payment of bills 

3) The number might belong to a V.V.VIP person of an organization 

4) The number might belong to an VVIP Government official, minister, etc. 

5) Government of India has asked all operators to not send sms to that number. 

6) Complaints from other mobile users about that number 

7) User might had done many complaints to operator/TRAI regarding unsolicited sms being received by him.  

6) NDNC Reject - These are the numbers registered in NCPR database. 

7) Undelivered - These are the users for whom message got failed after multiple retries due to various reasons like operator end/user end issues.  

8) Submitted to Network - These are the messages for which we haven't received the delivery reports from the Operator. But, it doesn't mean that the message were not Delivered to the end user. As per our observation, 85 to 90% of messages are delivered to the end user, but we haven't received delivery acknowledgement/reports from the Operator. In such scenario, we wait for approximately 24 to 48 hours for the reports to arrive from the Operator end. If the reports are received, those are updated in the Online panel instantly. In case, if the reports are not received, the delivery status will remain as 'Submitted to n/w'.  

9) Dropped - 

i) These are the numbers belonging to J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) series. There is ban from Govt of India since past few years, because of which sms cannot be delivered on these numbers. 


ii) Dropped by the operator from their end. Services to the SIM card (mobile number) will be discontinued from the Operator, if there is no usage i.e no voice calls (incoming & outgoing), SMS and data for any continuous period of 60 days from the date of first call. 


iii) In event of template mismatch for transactional messages, if the promotional services for an enterprise are not allowed, those numbers will also be shown under Dropped. 

10) Expired - These are the numbers to which the messages are not delivered after multiple retires from the Operator end because of the remote operator end issues.  

11) International Roaming: These are the users who are in International roaming with Indian numbers at the time when the message was pushed to them.  

12) Force Expired - These are the numbers to which messages are dropped due to rules in our system or due to invalid numbers in the uploaded base or the client has requested to drop the messages.  

13) Duplicate Message Drop: If the same message content is sent on the same mobile number within 30 min, the duplicate messages will be dropped.  

14) Pending - These are the messages which are not sent out of our system. 

15) Dropped: Message published does not have DLT Template ID mapped in Netcore panel.

16) DLT Sender Id Failure: Sender ID mismatched for the message published with the DLT template ID.

17) DLT Template Failure: There is mismatched in message content and Template uploaded on DLT portal.