There are two ways to upload a template on the panel for validation.

Please use the below steps to whitelist the template:

1. Login to your Bizbond Panel

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Message Settings

4. Choose Message Templates


a) Single Upload:   


5. Click on create Template

6. Select the Enterprise

7. Select Enterprise Feeds (Choose "NONE" if Enterprise level Template or specific Enterprise Feeds/Channel)

8. Mention the Template Title

9. Choose the Template Type

10. Mention the Template to be whitelisted (Ex: Hi <<Ajay>>, Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday and a Prosperous Year ahead! From Netcore.)

11. Mention the DLT Template ID

12. Mention the DLT Template Type

13.In the Alert Text box mention the Email ID to receive the status of template approval and reject.

14. Click on submit.

b) Bulk Upload:

1st to 4th point will remain same as above

5. Click on Upload Template

6. Select the Enterprise

7. Select the Template Type

8. Upload the file in either csv, xls or xlsx and it should be not more than 500KB

PFB the file format for template upload.

9. Click on submit.