You can use this feature when you have a database of contacts and you wish to send a common message to each of the contacts

1) Login to the Bizbond panel

2) Click on Bizbond Tab --> Upload Message

3) A detail  upload message dashboard will be displayed

a) Under Upload Mode select Common Message

b) Browse the file (.xls, .csv, .txt or zipped file of either of the three) with column ‘A’ having phone numbers. Please note while uploading file on the Bulk SMS interface, no headers should be in the file.

c) Put Publish Date and time (put time 5 to 7 min ahead)

d) Put the DLT approved Template ID

e) Select the DLT approved Sender ID 

 4)Preview the same, it will pop up to new page as below

5) Check the preview if the same is fine click on Submit to publish.