We have enhanced our Template configuration process to accommodate DLT parameters. You can follow below steps to configure single SMS template on Netcore portal (BizBond/SMS API)

Step 1: Login to BizBond (http://biz.mytoday.com)

Step 2: Go to Settings Tab >> Message Settings >> Message Templates

Click on “Create Template”

Step 3: Select your enterprise (if you have multiple enterprise) & fill the required details as shown in below screenshot and click on submit button.

Below is the description of fields,

  • Enterprises: This is your account name for billing which could have multiple feedid/channel name
  • Enterprise Feeds: This is your account which is used for sending out messages and it has a property value (Transactional/GreyTrans(DND filter ON)/Promotional)
  • Note: If you don’t select specific feedid/channel name then, template will be configured at Enterprise level and applicable for all the feedid/channel name under it.
  • Template Title: Reference name of template.
  • Template Type: OTP/Non-OTP (internal reference)
  • Template: Here you need to type your sms template which should be exactly same as approved DLT template.
  • Example: Hi {#var#}, Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday and a Prosperous Year ahead! From Netcore.
  • DLT Template ID: It is unique id associated with approved template on the operator DLT portal.
  • DLT Template Type: Its message type under which the template is configured/approved on the operator DLT portal.
  • Alerts on Status Email: On this email id alert will be triggered once action taken on templates.

Step 4: The submitted request will be actioned within 1hr and alert will be triggered to email id filled in alert section.

If you want to check the status of the template, then click on “Message Templates” & click on search button.

Below are the template status and their descriptions,

  1. In Queue: Template is in queue for action and TAT for the same is within 1 hr.
  2. Approved: Template is approved/ configured on netcore portal.
  3. Rejected: Template has been rejected and reason for rejection will be visible once you the curser on template status.
  4. Duplicate Template Found: When there is already template exist then new template status will be Duplicate template found.
  5. Disabled: When the template is disabled from panel the status will be disabled.